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Current and Upcoming Events

Find like-minded, heart-centred souls such as yourself, and feel the rising power of commUNITY!


Artisan Markets & Love Festivals

Beginning in June 2022, the New Earth Village holds space for Artisan Markets and Love Festivals on our sacred hOMeland. If you're a conscious and local Artisan or business looking to be part of a vibrant commUNITY, please contact us at thenewearthvillage@gmail.com for the Vendor Application Form.

UPCOMING Artisan Market and Love Festival:
SUNDAY OCTOBER 2nd 2022, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 



Email for tickets thenewearthvillage@gmail.com

Children's Musical Theatre Classes

I’m feeling so blessed to collaborate with Teresa @fiercely.divine.healing to offer an Outdoor Children’s Musical Theatre program this Autumn, for children ages 5-12, on our magical land.  We are situated on seven acres of fairy tale landscape set in the tranquil countryside, just 30 minutes West of Newmarket, 20 minutes North of Bolton. The Musical Theatre students will be surrounded by lush gardens, wide meadows, crystalline waters, willow trees, forest and fauna. 


Teresa is a Musical Theatre instructor and coach for children of all ages. With over 35 years of professional performing experience, Teresa has created a wonderful program that offers a safe space to learn and develop skills in the Performing Arts, through musical knowledge and artistic expression. Teresa is adept at building meaningful relationships while guiding the students, as she focuses on the beautiful unfolding journey and process over the results and final product. Children will build confidence, trust, and allow their soul to speak through the joy of fluid movement. Teresa provides students with the love, guidance, choreography, charisma, and dedication that will have the children working hard, team building, rehearsing, and showcasing their gifts. 


Wednesdays, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. September 21st to December 7th 2022. The special performance, held on the last day, will be open to family and invited guests.  The program is created for all levels, whether children are beginning in performing arts and would like the opportunity to explore their hidden talents, or they’ve built experience and would like to continue to grow as an artist.  If your child is showing a keen interest in singing, dancing, both or you notice they can’t sit still, let’s allow them the freedom to explore what is naturally developing within their soul. Parents with younger siblings/babes in arms may also stay to ground in the forest and on sacred land during class each week. 


Limited spots available. The exchange for the 12 week Autumn Term is $420/child. Please email: thenewearthvillage@gmail.com to register. 


Wild Woman Bonfire

A loving invitation to a sacred sisterhood circle and bonfire ceremony at The New Earth Village on Saturday September 3rd.  The theme: Expression through Expansion. 


We are here to enjoy an enlightened life. As we step through the portal into empowerment, the Universe responds to our unique embodiment, vibration, and essence. How much light are you carrying and sharing? Are you co-creating blessings for yourself that allow you to dance in New Earth’s frequency?


The breaking open that is happening allows us to enter into an “I don’t need to know” basis, which involves a frequency of trust, surrender, and gratitude that is capable of shifting and alchemizing multigenerational trauma and lifetimes of conditioning.  How are you releasing what no longer serves you with the utmost love?  Are you ALL IN to let go of the false sense of self, and all of the old false programming with it’s indoctrination + forms of control? Are you showing up as a clear vessel as you recalibrate to higher dimensions? Are you burning through perceived pain, grief, lack, competition, victim mentality? 


Interested in gathering to reclaim ancient wisdom, sisterhood, and tribe?  Come as ONE and feel the wisdom of our ancestors, the medicine of our star galaxies, creation codes from Source and embody it through a re-designed expanded human experience. 


We are the pioneers of the future and we birth the New Earth through us.  As we ground in our unique expressions of truth, radiance, play, and power, join me and my beautiful sister @tina_addorisio to rewild, reclaim and rebirth with the following flow: 


 circle & ceremony

 heart-opening cacao

 sound healing near forest and fauna

 forest bathing and meditation

 sacred movement 

 energy healing

 nourishing potluck

 sisterhood flowing connection 

 wild woman bonfire 

 ecstatic dance 


Intuitive group messages, personalized meditation activation, reiki and pranic energy work, village vibe, and a portal to your blooming. $95 exchange to thenewearthvillage@gmail.com. Limited spots available. No refunds will be issued. Arrive as you are, and deep dive in a judgment-free sacred container of wild sisterhood.