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Upcoming Events, Artisan Markets, Women's Circles, Nature Groups, Coommunity Events

 The New Earth Upcoming Events

Find like-minded, heart-centred souls such as yourself, paving the way to re-design

a New Earth filled with sacred reciprocity, remembrance, and reclamation. 



Other UPCOMING EVENTS include:

* Parent and Child Nature Group (SUMMER, June to September)
Registration in mid-May.

* Namaste and Play (SPRING, Tuesdays - late May to late June) 

Registration OPEN - information below

* Wild Woman Breath and Bonfire (Sunday May 28th, evening)

Registration in early May.

* Mother and Maiden Sacred Circle, Period of Bloom (SUMMER, July and August, for girls ages 9 to 12)

Registration in June.

* Camping Under the Stars (AUGUST)

More event details to be shared soon! 

️ Namaste & Play at New Earth, Tuesdays 10 am to 12 pm in May through June 


It is an honour and blessing to collaborate with Heather @_thesoulfulmama_ to guide a four-week family experience inviting you to return to play in nature, with heart and soul. Our offering holds safe and sacred space for you and your children to lean in to forest and nature bathing, to remember, unlearn, rewild, and reclaim. We welcome families who place importance on being a clear and divine vessel for Source and the highest expression of LOVE to flow with ease & grace. Together, we will explore the challenges, joys, love, and connection that comes with a rich and dynamic parenthood & childhood in these times of massive change. 


Heather is a heart-spaced mother of two whose purpose is aligned with loving service to families of the New Earth. She believes that as we each heal and expand, we heal and expand the world and co-create a world that is unshackled, free, and empowered.


Working in loving & tender collaboration, Natalie and Heather offer space for the expansion of conscious and connective parenting.  While the children enjoy a mindful nature based craft, activity, and storytelling with Heather, mothers will have a window of quietude to sit in a sacred circle with Natalie and explore themes of energetical hygiene, rest as a source of power, the art of practising neutrality, connecting with your loving and healed ancestors, sacred reciprocity, and aligning with your intuition to support transformation. With intentions of co-creating a New Paradigm rooted in love, self-sovereignty, and integrity, Natalie and Heather offer sacred space for a holistic experience that grounds the multidimensional being to Pachamama. 


 TUESDAY Rhythm (10 am - 12 pm)


 Arrival & Free Play

 Circle & Storytelling 

 Crafting & Snacks

 Sisterhood & Village Reclamation 

 Forest Bathing 


Limited space available. $222 exchange, to 


May we return to Gaia, root down deep, and fully embody with our heart as hOMe. Come ready to receive and stream the magical and supportive energies of our sacred land, and leave with heart-spaced connections.

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