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Upcoming Events, Artisan Markets, Women's Circles, Nature Groups, Coommunity Events

 The New Earth Upcoming Events

Find like-minded, heart-centred souls such as yourself, paving the way to re-design

a New Earth filled with sacred reciprocity, remembrance, and reclamation. 


Summer of 2023 has blown me away! All of it was only possible with your sacred presence. Thank you to everyone who contributed their heart and love to co-creating commUNITY. You've blown me away with your unique expression, your love, your voices, your gifts, your medicines, and creations! You are so precious to me, and I have full reverence and appreciation for the journey of transformation. This Summer's offerings were beautiful co-creations. So many tears of gratitude. We walk each other hOMe, and return to wholeness. It is with humility that I say that I feel like I am living my best life calling in the witches, and the wolves, the magicians and misfits, the powerful and the priestesses, the medicine men and the mothers. This Summer will forever live in my heart. I offer immense gratitude to this living and breathing being, our sacred lands that we call hOMe - a miracle for me and for so many others to remember, redesign, and rebirth. Thank you for your support - financial, energetic, and beyond - it allows us to be here now to do our small part to birth a New Paradigm of sacred reciprocity and oneness consciousness. 


* Parent and Child Nature Group (AUTUMN, October to December)
Registration OPEN.

* Wisdom Weaver's Women's Circle - Sunday October 29th - 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

* Mother and Maiden Sacred Circle, Period of Bloom (A Saturday in November 2023)

More event details to be shared soon! 

Mother and Maiden Circle,
November 2023, exact dates coming soon!


It is an honour to hold space with my daughter Sophia for a special Mother and Maiden Circle in November. ✨ The Theme: An Empowered Mother Daughter Legacy 🦋💕 Are you ALL IN to be a clear instrument, a divine weaver, a heart-spaced leader of a New Paradigm for the generation of women who follow? ✨


Calling tender and fierce mamas of daughters between the ages of 9 and 14, who are wishing to support a delicate and courageous journey toward puberty & womanhood. Is your daughter curious about her blooming female vessel and needing a community to offer safe space to root into her body? ✨ Trusting in YOUR divine art of mothering, how are you guiding your maiden to see the importance of tending to her inner landscapes? 🌱 As we embrace a vision of a new re-designed life, how are we setting the tone to create awe and reverence for the female body, the menstrual cycle, and womb wisdom? ♥️ This circle is just the beginning of the New Earth Mother and Maiden Series, with topics including the changes of puberty, sacred solidarity and mutual reciprocity, observing the cycle, self-care, menstrual care options, human anatomy and physiology, body sovereignty, consent and pleasure, the mother-daughter relationship. 🌍💕 I hold an ambitious vision of the commUNITY village growing with strong, unique, and powerful maidens leading together as ONE from heart-space.

Join @newearthnatalie with heart-opening cacao on magical land where you’re invited into a portal of frequency of trust & transformation. Working with a quantum healing field of different modalities, including light language, my gift involves activating your highest hOMe frequency, your next level of consciousness. ✨ Source energy shared through my heart, personalized activation, song and story sharing, paint and art expression on canvas, ancestral healing and connection, sacred movement, reiki & pranic energy work, and a portal to your blooming. $90 exchange for Mama and Maiden to attend together. Limited spots. No refunds or transfers issued. Arrive as you are & deep dive in a judgment-free sacred container of sisterhood. 🙏🏽💕

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