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Activation Sessions, Meditation, Healing

Activation Sessions

1:1 Activation and Attunement Sessions involve a 90 minute experience, either virtually or in person. You'll experience a hOMe frequency activation, reiki and pranic healing designed to shift you into self-mastery, magic, and mysticism, allowing you to receive higher vibrations of consciousness.

As a catalyst to your blooming, this session targets the root of your illusions, programs, and limited belief systems, so they may be cleared and released. 

The energy exchange is on a sliding scale of $153-$173, paid in advance to book, to

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."





“I just wanted to send you light and love and tell you that you’re truly amazing with a special gift. My session with you was awakening to a new depth of awareness and I am forever grateful. I have so much gratitude for you. Keep vibrating the Universe with your amazing frequency!” HS

"I finally feel connected with another human. One who accepts me, values me, supports and uplifts me, inspires me, gives me non-judgmental kindness. You shared with me that you play the role of connecting and growing the mother community. YOU are changing the world. Every mother YOU have touched has improved their lives and the lives of their families. Your impact cannot be measured. I am a recipient of this. Thank you for being here at this moment. I am forever grateful for all that you are." JJ

“I am so grateful for our session and I feel already a shift in my energy. You have helped me so deeply I am emotionally moved and so deeply grateful. The session was so healing and comforting. You are such a blessing, kind heart, and divine spirit, and so very supportive. I have been lacking this support without realizing it, and how burdened I have felt with these feelings! I was praying for a release, and you have been the answer to my prayers! I feel I can breathe for the first time today with ease and expansion. Thank you for being you.” NY

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