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Forest School - Alternative Education

New Earth Forest School

Welcome to The New Earth Forest School! I am blessed and honoured to host a Forest and Nature School experience for children ages 5 to 9. Ours is a sacred and safe space that provides unique educational opportunities to homeschooled children as well as providing a supportive and loving community to families. Our Forest School is based on the principle of co-creation, which allows for the remembrance of Nature as our spiritual teacher. Our curriculum is a blend of Reggio, Waldorf, Montessori and Forest School educational practices, and we focus on STEAM activities that encourage virtues, values, and life skills that are often overlooked in the mainstream education system. We are situated in a rural country setting on seven acres of lush, magical, and sacred landscape. Immersed in love, discovery, and play, we nurture a connection with Soul and commUNITY. As so many of us are yearning for a deep connection to others, our environment and ourselves, our intention is to offer a support system for children and families that will guide and hold us in this time of massive awakening and change. So, how do we nurture free, self-aware, and self-sovereign co-creators of life experience instead of passive consumers of an old and outdated archaic system? By creating sacred space to BE and evolve as one. 

The New Earth Forest School is a whole child drop-off experience in a safe and sacred space that allows for fluid inquiry-based learning experiences outdoors, which incorporate the four elements – earth, water, air, fire – through multidisciplinary subjects, including language arts, dance, mathematics, science, gardening, music. We offer a holistic nature-based curriculum for children to remember their first language: energy and oneness. Our nature-based conscious curriculum recognizes and gives priority to the inner life and mindfulness practices, and our focus is the children’s individual and collective expansion and freedom.

Playing far beyond the four walls of a classroom, children will enjoy a peaceful and consistent rhythm filled with storytelling and singing in circle, woodwork, sound healing, free play, harvesting and gardening, poetry, forest exploration, journaling, artistic expressions, plant identification, yoga, meditation, creative visualization, breath work, energy and emotional awareness, tools for empowerment, communication, co-operation, and care. We hold the vision of oneness consciousness and unity to expand children’s connection with their True Essence, a Source of love, respect, and kindness for oneself, each other, and Mother Earth.

Please email for more details.

We offer a morning and afternoon organic snack, and ask families to provide a nutritious lunch. Priority will be given to children who have attended The New Earth Village School in prior terms. Please email: for Information Package and Registration. 



Daily Rhythm


  • Morning Outdoor Welcome Circle (Connecting with our hearts, setting intentions)

  • Nature Exploration and Forest Walk, Grounding on Gaia, Gardening, Harvesting

  • Community Circle Time, Seasonal Song and Read Aloud, Virtue of the Week Discussion

  • Free Creative Play

  • STEAM activities

  • Nutritious organic snacks

  • Nature-based Curriculum

  • Inquiry-based Learning

  • Journaling and Independent Quiet Reading

  • Gentle Yoga and Breathwork, Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations 

  • Artistic Expression (Dance, Music, Painting, Clay Modelling)

Our Mission

To foster the growth of conscious, empowered, and intuitive leaders by immersing them on sacred land and in outdoor environments that continuously spark awe and wonder. Through mindful movement, conscious connection, and exploration through free play, we become co-conspirators of play, learning alongside the children. We offer children a re-designed holistic educational experience with the tools to remember their first language: energy and oneness consciousness. 

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