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Parent and Child Nature Group - Alternative Education, Homeschooling

The New Earth Village
Parent and Child Nature Group

Established in the Autumn of 2016, The New Earth Parent and Child Nature Group co-creates soul-nurturing adventurous experiences for the next generation of environmental stewards. Families who are dedicated to writing a new chapter entitled freedom gather together weekly for imaginative play in local forests, gardens, wetlands, meadows, and grasses. The Parent and Child Nature Group is a judgment-free and sacred space for you to connect, find inspiration, encouragement, and build your homeschooling tribe.


Spiritually and emotionally fulfilling for children and adults, and we all do really well to spend time in unstructured play outside. We play outside every day in all weather, dressing for warmth. Our mission is to co-create days spent in nature, developing resiliency and self-regulation. We allow for a rhythm that feels balanced with an in-breath and an out-breath. We open with a community circle, grounding on Gaia, gathering to sing songs together, recite verses, use movement, and do fingerplays. This captures a wonderful triad of movement, imitation, and imagination. We enjoy a wholesome and nutritious potluck snack at the community table, before we play and explore, rain, snow, sleet or shine! The focus is on guiding children to navigate through risky play and experiential learning while offering peaceful, honest, conscious parenting and caregiving.

What the Community is Saying

“Love the forest play gatherings so much, it’s become an integral part of our week and something we all look forward to very much. Thank you for all that you do, I have learned so much from you! We are all so grateful to you for being a leader in our community and beginning something magical that will only grow and evolve into our wildest dreams. Thank you for your support and inspiration leading the way to creating the New Earth. You are so magical and we love your vibe. You are a light warrior and we feel so blessed to share these experiences with you on this journey together. You are one incredible being and I am very honoured to be your friend, your soul shines so much light and the sparkles are felt long after too. A is so happy and full of love which makes my heart explode with joy!” LB

"You told my son in circle time that you can feel he has such a big heart and has so much love to give! It made his day, and he was beaming from the inside out talking about how much he loves everyone. He spoke about how he felt seen by you, and knew that you could feel how much love he has to give from his heart! Your light is shining so bright and you're having a massive impact on our community. It is such a joy to have my children learn outside of conventional schooling. This type of environment is so powerful and I'm so grateful our paths crossed!" CC

“I’m so grateful for the community you have created and I look forward to continually being part of it with my girls. I was speaking with another mama today about how the forest group just makes me feel so much happier and better during the current situation, and for that I thank you many times! This space is exactly what my girls need right now, and I thank you so much for providing it.” AK


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Parent and Child Nature Group,
Winter 2023

Calling all conscious parents writing a new chapter entitled freedom! Calling all rebellious nature lovers, and those passionate to create commUNITY! Are you new to or seasoned in homeschooling, looking to establish more freedom, self-sovereignty, connection, and play in your days? Do you enjoy connecting to Gaia and heart-space and love going on adventures with friends? Are you interested in forming a little supportive village with other conscious parents in the GTA to exchange wisdom and resources together? Do you believe these times of awakening and shift are our greatest blessing? Join our Parent and Child Nature Group this WINTER 2023!


I am filled with joy and gratitude to be continuing my work to re-design the school and classroom experience this Winter 2023! Let's co-create a playground in the woodlands where we can bloom in commUNITY together. 


The Parent and Child Nature Group is a platform for us to connect with the energy of the land, with each other, and with ourselves. It is a space for inspiration, encouragement, and trust. Through the Parent and Child group, my intention is to encourage mindfulness and soul-nurturing, adventurous experiences. A friendly reminder, this offering encourages a judgement-free, friendly space for connection, inspiration, support, and love. Let's work together to be the change and co-create the world we want to see come to fruition. Come with an open mind and heart, and leave with great connections!


Email: for the Winter 2023 Parent and Child Information Package. REGISTRATION OPEN.

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