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Creators of Our Holographic Reality

Some of us have awakened to see how we are creators of our holographic reality. We are all hands on deck to birth the New Earth. And some are obsessively stuck on replaying the narrative, analyzing who what when where why and the injustices of the old. Are you having fun yet? It’s not that there isn’t a concern at play, we are being invited to see beyond polarity and illusion.

Are you fully immersed in creation mode, breathing-living-being as though the New Earth and it’s templates of freedom-oneness-community-flow-sovereignty are already here and anchored? Allow me to remind you: The secret of CHANGE is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.

What kind of energy? Your SOUL’s creational energy!

I understand that we’ve been programmed to focus on chaos, calamity, and destruction and how could you not with VIP tickets to the wildest ride we’ve ever been on. But let’s ask ourselves, what is the message for us at this time with experiences of fear-restriction-tyranny-chaos-crumbling-confusion so we shift to be in full alignment with Source?

This evolution is one of consciousness. This fight is between AI programming. Do not allow your consciousness to be tampered with and hacked. It’s not about what you do right now, it’s about the consciousness with which you do it. You either take action with a focus on destruction or you act with a focus on creation.

Think you’re ascending out of the matrix? How activated is your Soul in your body? How connected are you to your hOMe frequency? How are your boundaries with filtering and alchemizing what is being shown on the Collective Screen so you can create and share your Soul’s purpose clearly? We are dancing with anxiety, blame, anger, control, grief, restriction and victimization. These are DISTRACTIONS playing out that invite us to re-establish our connection to Source and Soul, so our LIGHT can reflect through a balanced mind/body/heart/soul system of pure potentiality, wisdom and wholeness.

You have been preparing for this for lifetimes. What is playing out in front of you is refining and polishing you so you can courageously step into what is to come collectively. And you will.

Much metta.

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