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Rise Sister, Rise

This is an unpopular subject, but an invaluable one to unpack. What follows is shared with immense vulnerability.

We are clearing deep memories of the trauma of being persecuted & colonized. This shows up in our relationships as imbalance because of the fear of stepping into our own greatness, our power, our unique expression.

Most of my grief is a direct consequence of the extractive mentality of colonization that still exists in our community. Something I’ve noticed even with those who take part in my offerings with good intentions is that they still show up in colonial ways, often with other women (both white & of colour), taking from them, utilizing them, instead of naming those they have learned from. I witness women call each other sisters and yet still feel entitled to take, use, appropriate, extract one another’s words and offerings for their own advantageous benefit.

I have been told (by a white woman, in front of my children) that blonde hair and blue eyes is the superior race, and that I have no place in this community. I have watched sisters turn a blind eye and become bystanders.

In sharing that my openhearted and kind nature is not permission to take my words and use them for your own profit, I have been called rigid.

My offerings have been criticized and mocked, and then imitated and copied. I have been told that my voice is important, and in the same season by the same sister been discarded, rejected, and unaccredited.

I have been used as a mere stepping stone for others success and to profit from in building their own villages, schools, circles, though I am neither acknowledged, named, nor paid for my business of consulting.

Sharing this in an exhale of vulnerability not to ask for sympathy - I’m neither disempowered nor a victim - but to ask for us to embody harmonious right relationships.

These intense times right ask us to embody right relationships and be grounded in balance, harmony, integrity. When will we wake up and rise together in love? The true rise of the divine feminine won't come from white folks parading around as self-prodaimed shamans and goddesses. It will be birthed from those who are ready to sit with the the invitation to dismantle and transmute the inverted matrix that has programmed us to colonize, to take, to suppress, to separate. How can you activate your own Soul's creative power whilst honouring your teachers and being in loving service to Source? Allow your HEART and SOUL to rise you into the remembrance and reclamation of your unique blueprint. The New Earth will be birthed by those who delicately weave their ancient wisdom with the New and live in right relationship with self, others, and Gaia.

In offerings, do we name and honour our elders, teachers, loving ancestors? How many women and men do we include that represent marginalized groups? How can we birth a New Earth with colonial consciousness still at play? When we are not in right harmonious relationship with our mind, our heart, others, and Gaia? Are we discerning of the facilitators we are giving an exchange to? Have we asked them how they working to include and amplify the voices of the BIPOC? How can we birth a New Earth if we are still trying to replicate each other and do what someone else is doing and/or has done? We are invited to FULLY embrace our Soul's unique blueprint.

May we continue to know thyself to create a unique impact in the world. May we be so embodied and present to our connection with Source and Gaia that we leave behind a world of sacred reciprocity, love, oneness consciousness, and mutual solidarity for those who follow. This, to me, is TRIBE.

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