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Solidarity. Support. Reciprocity.

A palatable energy of SHIFT is in the air. In a peaceful protest, declaring “WE will not comply” offers a beautiful sovereign energy.

Sovereignty is about authority, and this movement is about our own sovereignty - YOU being the highest and ultimate authority over YOU.

This is about self-governance. Not allowing any group, God, organization, class, person to have authority and restrictions over you, your choices, the direction you go, what you do and don’t do. Sovereignty then is about honouring YOURSELF, your creative self. I invite you to remember that we always been sovereign, but we chose to create the ILLUSION that we are NOT sovereign. AND we set up role players, facets of ourselves, to rule over us. This has been our history. You ALL IN to change the game now?

The incoming energies are specifically focused on breaking down the program that something and someone has power over us. We will see more awaken and even the awakened awaken. This will expand our heart energy, and many who will unshackle themselves to see the disclosed truth will feel grief and sadness. The next week will also highlight honouring the sovereignty of others, those who may not share the same viewpoints. We will be playing with seeing how we can work together and create a conscious and collaborative environment to grow and expand in LOVE and freedom. So, TRUST your vision, share your vision, let it seep through your essence and onto the ley lines of the planet.

I believe, power is in your presence. Power is in embodying change in our journey here. It’s based on standing firm in what we believe in, from a place of LOVE and commUNITY. My heart-spaced offerings are a demonstration of oneness. Solidarity. Support. Reciprocity. And the intention is to set the platform for people of all viewpoints and places to realize that the power to create has always been in our hands!

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