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Cutting the Cords to De-Program

I am seeing cords being cut across the planet and I am hearing the words, “DE-PROGRAMMING.” This is not a time to reprogram. It is time to let go of all programming of the mind and shift into Soul guiding your life.

Humans have been ruled by artificial intelligence, programmed to support and expect polarity, control, hierarchy, judgment, resistance, attachment, conflict, separation, blame and division in our embodied earth experience. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you have come from, how much money you make, or what the colour of your skin is, you are pure light and pure potentiality from Source-God-Consciousness born under a fear-based matrix forgetting the truth of your sovereignty and divinity, plugged into the belief that you must live with polarization. This is revealed in thoughts, actions, words and beliefs throughout history.

It’s now time to de-program from right/wrong, good/bad, positive/negative belief systems, from judgement of self, others, and life experience.You lack nothing. You aren’t victim under the wrath of dictatorship. You’re a co-creator, the artist of your LIFE. WE signed up for this, calling forth colourful role players, facets of ourselves, to rule over us. This has been our history.

You ALL IN to change the game?

This movement will play out two timelines: fear/division and love/oneness until EVERYONE shifts THIS YEAR.

As you stand for your freedom, thank the role players for providing the platform for us to birth the greatest movement of LOVE and UNITY consciousness our planet has ever seen and the MOVEMENT will grow.

Love and gratitude for who we are and our journey is everything. Join me in growing thankfulness for those who have wronged, bullied, burned and restricted us. For those who suffocated, rejected, betrayed, misrepresented, cursed and harmed us, because they birthed the version of Self who embodies immeasurable strength & creative power. They stop playing a triggering role when we feel all the pain and then release the program that we need polarity to advance. This is freedom. The ONENESS movement is growing, and nothing can stop it. The power really is in our hands.

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