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Unlock YOUR Light

It’s wild what is occurring right now. Do you have your seatbelts on? What’s giving you a sense of purpose, bringing calmness and trust to your being?

My children are the reason behind so much of what I do. But my vocation also streamlines to the brothers and sisters around me, to their partners and children. My devotional work involves the next generation and even the next.

I see that tales of these times will be told around a grand bonfire, our children sitting in circle calling on their angelic guides who show up with drums, tuning forks, herbs, and potions. Our children will share how their parents, the medicine men and women dissolved the matrix within the web of life, understood the art of alchemy. They will share how we embodied change through fine tuning our vibration. They will say how we brought tangible solutions from the realms of the invisible to the visible. They will giggle at how we didn’t try to explain our philosophies and beliefs, we simply embodied it, birthing the new. They will share how we stood up as teachers, guides, wayshowers, pioneers, visionaries, lighthouses, each in our own unique way, remembering who we are and why we are here. They will say we did not give up, that we tied a knot at the end of our rope and hung the fuck on. They will say that we created a new way for them to rise into BEING.

So when (not if) everything around us continues to fall apart, we have no choice but to reach deep within ourselves and call forth the light from within. And when we err to judge, resist, attach to or worry about the current reality, may we observe that we are wasting time and energy because in old programming we suppress our divine birthright of freedom and expanded consciousness.

You are your master. You have the master keys to open the inner locks to your LIGHT. Stand in this truth. This elevates the vibration of LOVE, supporting the collective awakening process on the planet. When you do this for YOU, you serve for everyone who comes after you. And so, your descendants are the result of your LOVE in the here and now.

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