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We, the Alchemists

Enough with the focus on what is coming to us. Mandates, Discriminatory Practices, Lockdowns, Tighter Restrictions, Bifurcated Timeliness, Cosmic Energies, Planetary Shifts, Schuman Resonance Waves, Galatic Light Codes, Extraterrestrial Beings, the second coming of Christ.

Hold up a minute.

WE are coming! WE are here. WE are the alchemists, the medicine people, the truth bearers, teachers, guides, wayshowers, the pioneers, the visionaries, and the lighthouses. WE are the ones we have been waiting for who have incarnated to remember. WE are here to fuck things up with the highest benevolent intentions. Feel the power rising within? Your ancestors are calling you to uncloak who you are and remember your lineage of sacred wisdom.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs anticipating something to come and shift things, something to crumble, someone to sweep in and save us or upgrade your reality, the invitation for us in this here and now is to acknowledge and express our divine birthright as magicians and powerful co-creators and birth revelatory and transformational light from within that projects outwards to our playing field and holographic reality.

Stuck on the program that the children need protecting? What reality are you fuelling if you see them as victims, as enslaved, as weak, and as disempowered? The children aren’t victims here. They came into the world knowing the truth and are co-creators of the magic that is ensuing here. They are guiding us to shatter our chains and return to oneness. May we allow our children the space to dance in their limitless, to trust the unknown as filled with quantum magic and infinite possibility.

BE fully immersed in creation mode, breathing-living-being as though the New Earth and it’s templates of freedom-oneness-community-flow-sovereignty are already here and anchored. And when you do this for YOU moment to moment, it expands outwards to everyone who is energetically connected, supporting the collective awakening and becoming process on the planet. Do you understand the magnitude of your own divine power?

The fire is getting hot but the New Earth leaders will not be burned this time.

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